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Security Camera Installation


In order to protect your most valuable assets, AVS will provide you with the finest in video security.

We understand that each customer has specific needs. That's why we provide a custom solution for each of our clients. Whether it is a residential or commercial project, we will find the right surveillance solution for you at an affordable price.

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Call and Ask About Our Hi-Def Megapixel and IP Based Camera Systems

Our Hi-Def Meapixal and IP Based Cameras feature the highest quality video resolution in the market. Megapixel cameras provide crystal clear images even when magnified.

The higher the resolution, the more accurate image details the user can extract such as a clear view of license plate numbers and letters. You can send and receive data via a computer network and the intermet.

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Installation Tips

Security Camera Installation, by Brian Flint, Owner Audio Video Specialists, Inc.

Placement, Distance, and Height

One of the main items to consider is the placement of where your cameras need to be and what video you may need when referencing the captured images.

For example, if you need facial recognition in your recorded images, then you need to consider that most standard cameras with 600 lines of resolution or less, will only show facial recognition at 30’ or less in distance from your camera location. If it is an image captured at night it will be less distance (approx 20’).

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